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1000mAh LiPo Cell

1000mAh LiPo Cell

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1000mAh LiPo Cell

The most popular LiPo cell size is the 1000mAh cell.  The cell’s nominal voltage is 3.7V and the fully charged voltage is 4.20V,  The cell incorporates the normal safety circuit that protects the cell from overcharging, short circuits and excessive discharge.  The cell dimensions are 52mm long, 25mm wide, 9mm thick.  The wires are 60mm long.  The manufacturer rates the cell at 1400mAh.

The cell dimensions are 2.0″ long, 1.0″ wide, 0.355″ thick.  The wires are 2.5″ long.

The connector is a JST-2R to match the boards sold on this site.

The cell capacity is shown for two cells charged from the ESP32’s charger circuit.  The discharge current is set to 50mA continuous and the cutoff voltage is set to 3.2V.  The cells consistently exceed 1000mAh when charged with the charger ICs present of the battery powered products sold here.

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